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Mister PL, thats truly amazing. Did you create the costume yourself, or did the makeup artists create it?



--- Quote from: JediMAC on February 12, 2004, 08:02 PM ---Looks like a blue version of the alien from The Last Starfighter, with a jockstrap on his head...  Was that your inspiration, or am I off base there?   :P
--- End quote ---

Don't tell anyone, but after I entered the contest, I found an illustration I did for West End Games that had an alien in it pretty dang close to the Trek alien. George had it before Viacom did.  :o But that's our little secret, okay?

--- Quote from: Famine on February 12, 2004, 08:25 PM ---Mister PL, thats truly amazing. Did you create the costume yourself, or did the makeup artists create it?

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Thanks, Kevin. Bob Blackman's costume department did the costume, but he and I designed it together. I only provided a headshot and a brief history of the character. I was content wearing a Starfleet or Bajoran uniform off the rack, but he said, "No. This is your creation. Besides, I want to try something new." We looked at fabric samples for inspiration and he showed me some experimental texture effects he was dying to try, so I sat down at his desk and incorporated it. I love to collaborate. It was easily the most fun I had the whole time.

For the mask they had to create a lifemask of my head. I'm a little claustrophobic, so I practiced my breathing on the flight out. It was interesting having your head covered in about 15 pounds of plaster and algenate.

Sounds fun! Im slowly learning how fun having plaster all over your person is. :-p

Art projects, a couple actually.

Nothing like that though.


I can honestly say the only time I was plastered was for Star Trek.  ;D

If you ever get a lifemask, remember to breathe slowly through your nose. And avoid headcolds. It's bad for you but worse for the poor SOBs dealing with your mucus.  :-X

Snively Bandar:
Hey, that's really cool MisterPL!  I like the design there.  So was it just an anonymous secondary character in the background type of role, or did you get to do anything exciting, like talk or get a close up shot on?


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