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Episode III - Video Game Poster?


Do you all think this is an actual poster for the video game?

I do not really know what to think at all!

My gut feeling says no, but I'm no expert.

I see.

Why would Anakin have a blue saber?

Wouldn't the video game be more on him turning to the darkside?

Very Questionable!

Jesse James:
An E3 game by this name is appearing to be part of the content of the upcoming DVD's of the classic trilogy.  With that in mind, this could very well be a true poster to the game...  

Seems odd for someone to make this up too...

So with that all in mind, seems like it's probably legit, but just one of those things left to be answered later...  I've found lots of games devoted to the prequals have sucked, so maybe this'll be the one that doesn't?

Well, Bounty Hunter was good, but it didn't really revolve around anything in E2 other than how Jango got hired.

Eh, it may be a good game...  We can hope.


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