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Hello, I want to know why collectors in Sweden only get 8 basic figures, 4 dlx figures, 1 beast & 4 ships for our entire Saga collection?

We only got 1 Power of the Jedi figure.  I have asked all the toy stores in Stockholm why we don't get more, and they all blame their supplier in Denmark.  Is this right?

Angry Ewok:
I'm sorry all of you guys gotta go through this just to collect... It definately sucks when you've got to order everything over the net especially when you're too young for a credit card or you dont want to use yours online.
I'd say the problem is simply that your distribution sucks, as is the case with most non-US locations, from what I've seen, Hasbro doesn't really care.

Hasbro doesn't seem to care. Collecting in the states is hard as well. Hasbro's shipments are sickening. One or two of the same figure pure case. That makes some figures very hard to find, and depending on where you live, well that makes it worse.
I was at K-mart today after work. They had 5 cases of figures. I had the stalk person open all of them. Each case  was a bit different. Two of them had One Yoda in it each, three boxes had four Darth Maul figures each, witch are starting to be very easy to find and the rest were peg warmers. Darth Maul was a very hard to find figure in my area, but now since they put more in each case they are everywhere. My "Toy's R Us" never got the Silver R2-D2. I ask every store manager about things like this. I always get the same answer they have no controle over what they get and when they get it.

Bottom line is Hasbro needs to do a better job on stalking cases with even amount of figures pure case, and getting them to where they need to go.

Hasbro never cares. Collecting is hard all over the world.
Too many exclusives & only released in stores that don't exsist in others country's. It's a shame.  :(

Yeah but this has to be one of the worst!
I feel for ya dude- that really sucks.

Try and hook up with people in forum classifieds-
they are using REAL collectors who just like to help people out.


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