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Hmmm can Hasbro head office fire everyone @ Hasbro Canada? And whats up, Canada is the only country with out a Hasbro website (or so it seems) They seem to like to recycle the first few waves up here and don't ship anything new. The stores have lots of figures, too bad they are the same ones that were availble in Aprill 2002.


--- Quote from: Angry Ewok on November 16, 2002, 06:40 PM ---It definately sucks when you've got to order everything over the net especially when you're too young for a credit card or you dont want to use yours online.

--- End quote ---

That is totally true. :'(

Hasbro sends out very few cases and its hard with all the scalpers around...

Don't place the blame solely on Hasbro. Stores buy their product in bulk when they sell out of their previous inventory. Hence the fact that we will sit there staring at the same repacks until they unload them all.


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