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Long live Boba!

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aka DaBigKahuna:
At this risk of being laughed at, I decided to post this topic (you have been forewarned).

Who here knew that Boba Fett did not die at the Pit of Carkoon?  My lovely wife and two boys got me the Star Wars Dictionary for my birthday and it states that he survived!  Dengar I believe came back to rescue him, and he was the best man at Dengar's wedding (corny.)    

I always thought he was a cool looking character but died in such a pitiful way.  Long live Boba...


Yes, they did it for fanboys everywhere.

Angry Ewok:
If you're really interested in knowing all of the story, there's a book called the 'Bounty Hunter Guild' I believe, subtitled 'Mandolarian Armor', it goes into depth about the events surrounding Fett's rescue.

(I've moved this to the EU section)

of course he didn't die. the greatest bounty hunter in the universe killed by a blind man, on accident no less?? never!!

i always thought that was one of the lowest points in the original trilogy. i'm not saying that he shouldn't have died, but just not like that.

Didn't Dark Empire show up befour the Bounty Hunter books? I know it's slightly off topic, but isn't that where he showed up again first?


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