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Can someone review the Clone Scout?


Angry Ewok:
I was wondering how good/bad the Clone was that comes with the Speeder Bike.. I think the whole removable armor/helmet thing is an awesome idea... but in your opinion, was it pulled off well?

Ive never seen one in stores, so I probably wont have the chance to get one anyway...

I only have a carded one so far, but should be getting another one to open sometime this week from a buddy of mine, and will post a review for ya' then Brad.

All I can say at this point is the Clone's red eyes are rather bizarre, not to mention very evil looking.  It also appears to be the exact same speeder bike that was previously issued several times in the POTF2 line, just painted red this time.

I got one about a month ago for a friend. I didn't open it but it looked bad without the armor and it seemed to me that the pieces might fall off easily. I'd wait to see one for yourself before buying from someone. I was not that impressed.

I think the deluxe clone biker scout is pretty cool, as long as he's on the speeder bike. I don't know IF this is a new bike design or a rehash but I like it. The Clone figure itself is pretty cool to me. WHen I first saw the images of a clone trooper last year with a removable helmet, Iwas like  ;D WOW Cool!. Then more images were posted showing him with removable armor. As fo rmine, the armor stays on firmly. THe body armor is hard plastic while the helmet is rubber/soft plastic and is easy to remove and put back on. I have to twist the legs on mine curl the feet under the bike to help hold him onto the bike.  The throwing feature is lame though and has an obtrusive black button coming out of his back. He can only hold onto the bike's handles with his left hand. When he is off the bike, he is in a wide leged stance but it's not too awkward to me. Hey it's a CLONE TROOPER< what more can I ask for? I dig 'em!! :D


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