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When I picked up my POTJ Teebo the other day at TRU to open, I went to put him on his REAL Stand and there were no peg holes! Anyone want to enlighten me as to if all of the figures came like this and why? He is a great figure and there is plenty of room to include pegs.

I've got about 7 Teebo's, and will check out his feet when I get home and let you know.  Sounds like I may have heard this before though, so they may all be like that for some odd reason...

I have never heard of this before... very odd it is indeed.  I would check my Teebo, but it's packed deep in storage right now.

I checked both my Teebo's & they have no peg holes.

I looked around for information on this & this is what I found.

Question # 9:

Thomas Grey:
first of all Cberry,
leave your figures carded!!!

second, my Teebo has a total of '0' foot peg holes too. I thought I would find some totally strange difference in the peg hole they hang cards on peg holders with...

so, no idea.

Third, since you opened Teebo, just take a nice power drill and gouge those necessary holes in there!!!

no, really, it is pretty interesting. Wonder if it's the same for the Saga Teebo?


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