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Ep2 Slave 1


I finally found this ship last month on sale for $12 so it was MINE! ;D
The first thing I noticed was how sturdy it feels; no flimsy plastic here.  The design and coloring are realistic and detailed. I STILL have my original Slve 1 from 20 years ago and recently checked on it's status. Though it had the opening ramp and entranceway and the rotating chair. I think I like the new one much better. Jango fits perfectly; I have the Kamnio escape Jango and can stick his rocket pack into a hole on the back of the cockpit perfectly. The stabalizer wings don't rotate with gravity like the original does but they are nicely designed. The weapons are cool and work, though they took some liberties with them. The sonic charges were released from the back/bottom of the ship in the movie, here they drop out of the 'snout' nose. THe firing missiles work very well and get some distance too! The missle chamber holds 4 at a time with 4 more stowed in specific spots on the bottom of the ship. I give it  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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