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Collection 1 Boba, Mace, Anakin, R2

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I caved and bought a case of the new Collection 1 (Boba, Anakin, R2, Mace) figures from Entertainment Earth late last week. I know, I know, I'm impatient and paid more than I should, but we can't find diddly in SoCal right now. Here's a few thoughts:

Boba is ok, even with the less than stellar paint job. I dig the articulation, and the base makes him stand out. He certainly looks good in the ROTJ area of my display case. There are obvious problems like all the reviews have said so far - he doesn't hold up when placed next to 300th Fett, the missle and action feature are distracting and lame, and his gloves are the wrong color. He seems to have started out with the best of intentions and ended coming up a bit short, IMHO.

R2 is HORRIBLE. This is the very first Star Wars figure that I don't even as a completist want to own. He's that bad. Poor paint job on a non-articulated head (its grey!) and he has brackets on his back to wind the string on, like a vacuum cleaner has for its cord. A terrible, shocking, and disappointing waste of cash and plastic.

I don't really like the new Anakin - he seems unnecessary and that robe is hideous. If you take it off, you have a figure that looks just like Hanger Duel. Ball socket joints on his arm are the big benefit, but I haven't quite figured out the point of the ball socket ankles. If he's meant to be a companion figure for the upcoming Padme, he completely misses the mark. He can only really be posed in positions as though he was just married and suddenly sprung into action to destroy a horde of Battle Droids.

Funny enough, Mace is TOTALLY FUN out of the package, a really cool toy. His arms are rubber with articulated pieces in his arms, so they move correctly, and making him move around blocking blaster fire is a great play idea. He sucks as a display figure though. Definitely for the kids.

Hopefully, after the Jedi Luke announcement, this should stand as the lowest point we're going to hit in the Saga line, and the only place to go is up!

Thanks for the great review Jared!  Not exactly the most anticipated wave of figures to be sure, but at least it looks like there's a bright future for the line just around the corner...

Though this wave ain't too great, I'll be picking up a carded and loose version of each just to keep the collection complete, 'cause I'm a sucker like that!  :-[  :-\

I was pleasantly suprised how much I like all of these figures.  I had a preconcieved notion that I would hate all of them but all of them have some redeeming qualities (even R2)

I love Boba's blast effect and the paint scheme.  His articulation could be better, the 300th Fett rules but this is an adequate rerelease

Anakin is awesome IMO, I agree the robe is a little off and could have been better executed but the articulation more than makes up for his shortcomings.  I also like the look of his metal hand.  We need Mace and Obi Wan from Episode 2 just like this!

Mace while having a horrid cloth cape and funny face expression is like you said SilverZed3 is actually pretty fun to play with.  The fact that we don't have a decent Mace from EpII yet is the reason so many people are ticked about this guy. A felt cape covering the rubber arms might have had better execution.  Which brings up why can't the capes be made like the Vintage ones which are vastly superior to anything Hasbro has put out yet!

R2 is again not the greatest but he actually is OK for what he is supposed to be.  If kids need an R2 this will be perfect for them to play with, I have many R2's with Holo Leia's and R2's with tools to customize and fill dioramas.  THis one really is for completionists and diorama builders only to try and recreate the C-3PO & R2 Arena scene!

I'll reiterate that I found these figures to be not as bad as I thought they would be.  

The action features could have been implemented a lot better, ala the '03 Darth Tyranus who has a leg squeeze or the Obi Wan who has a pseudo hidden button.  If anyone remembers the old Super Powers line, that is how action features should be implemented into 3 3/4" action figures.  If you are wondering then, I'd buy Anakin and Boba for sure. And maybe buy R2 and Mace, if you already have some older versions which are all superior to these two versions, then go ahead and pass!

Wow, quite a surprising review there Scott!  I take it you got an early case in from Newforce...?

I'll have to wait to see these figures myself, but the pictures sure don't have my expectations too high.  Interesting mixed reviews here between you and Jared though!  Hopefully I can cast a deciding vote soon...   :)

Boba Binks:
I have Wave 9 on order from New Force. I have not got it yet. This is the first time that I have ordered from them. I hope they are as good as everyone says.

I can't wait for these figures to arrive. They look really neat.
Thank you for the detailed reviews.


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