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SP-4 & JN-66 Research Droids


Well I got these bad boys so here we go. Take note, I am not an opener so I am giving my review by looking at it.

If you have not seen these figures, they are posted under these links:

Now these 2 robots look something like Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit.

From what I can see, they have very good articulation in the joints. The heads can swivel back & forth & side to side.

The color of them are grey. In the links above, they show area's of a metallic green on certain parts of the figures. I can barely see the green as it is painted very lightly. There is a tint of green on there spikes on there head but not like the paint job in the photo's.
There is also a clear stand for JN-66 so it looks like he can hover with the support column.
Overall, they look OK.

For those who don't know who Johnny 5 is:

is that the robot from friends ? that when yoey (sp?) plays a police chief from the bombing squad...  :)

No it was from the 80's movie Short Circuit.TRust me your not missing anything.

For what they are, they are pretty good. Who can honestly say they were really excited about these guys? They weren't even in the movie, but a short deleted scene :) Still cool, but not  figures I am going to sit down and stare at a lot :)


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