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Angry Ewok:
Bel Iblis (EU) - Pencil

Chewbacca - Watercolor

Chubba the Ewok Pilot (Fan Fic) - Pencil, Digital Color

Clone Commander - Pencil, Digital Color

Female Wookie Smuggler (Fan Fic) - Pencil

Grogg the Gammorean (Fan Fic) - Pencil

Grogg slaying Cave Wampa (Fan Fic) - Pencil

Jabba The Hutt - Pencil, Digital Color

Jango Fett - Pencil, Digital Color
*Third place in Artoo's News Art Contest*

Jawa - Pencil

Kayjax the Bounty Hunter (Fan Fic) - Pencil, Digital Color

Kayjax Close Up (Fan Fic) - Pencil, Digital Color

Shaak Ti - Pencil, Digital Color

Talon Karrde (EU) - Pencil

Twi'lik (Bib Fortuna) - Pencil, Digital Color

Angry Ewok:
Because Geocities won't allow for links to files, what you guys need to do is hit the link, then re-load, or highlight the address, then press Enter (or Return, if you're a Mac user).
If you still can't get it to work, then you can go straight to my site and click over to "Art", .

I'll post a seperate topic for each set of updates, AND if anyone has any comments or tips, please speak up!

Chris Belle:
Nice work!!  Keep it up! :)

That is some fine work you have there, Brad. I love the Jawa drawing. :)

Angry Ewok:
Thanks man. Right now I'm working on a Jango just in time for Bounty Hunter to come out. Looks a lil shabby but, hey, we can't all be Dave Dorman.


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