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Thomas Grey:
Being a classically trained artist (mostly sculpt now) and an art teacher, I want to say that you have a unique and interesting approach to creating art. The mix of pencil and computer generated color is a pretty cool combination. Creativity is an amazing thing and I respect you for sharing your artwork and being able to draw what you enjoy. Most do not have the ability, or the motivation (me), so keep it up and keep letting us know where to see you newest stuff!

Angry Ewok:
Just in time for Thanksgiving, I'll try to post my latest pencil works... I might have time to do some digital coloring on one or two of these, but I can't make any promises of course.

Today I should be posting...
Zam Wessel (close up)
Unknown Corscant Charactor (desktop calendar has him pictured)
Boba Fett
Me as a TIE Pilot... a really hard-to-draw charactor considering I hate drawing myself.

Perhaps other, older work

Angry Ewok:
TIE Pilot, LT. Yeldarb Anilat (EU) - Pencil

AOTC Coruscant Bar Charactor, Ela Tips - Pencil

Boba Fett - Pencil, Color Pencils

Angry Ewok:
Not the best likeness, but this is the one and only Admiral Piett...


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