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Darth Vader, Emperor's Wrath

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this is one of my fav Vaders

Question though. If Sidious used force lightning on Vader prior to Vader burning up on Mustafar in ROTS, and we know after Mustafar Vader could not use FL because of his limbs and the damage it would do to his suit, would Sidious/Emperor really have zapped him for failing knowing it would short out his life support machines and thus killing him?

I ask because I too have the Emperor and Vader set up this way and now think I have to rethink this issue having read the novelization of ROTS. Thoughts?

I don't follow you at all.

How can he use force lightening on Vader, prior to ROTS? That's prior to Vader lol

emperor wrath Vader shows a semi transparent head, which got black for many retooled version and finally transparent blue for the hologram version.

I like this figure.  I think this action figure of Darth Vader is enjoyable.


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