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I have the full original soundtracks from SW and ESB on vinyl as well as "Music from" LPs of SW and ROTJ which contain the best known pieces from their respective movies.

Angry Ewok:
I'm just wondering if $30 for the sealed OT trilogy soundtracks on CD is a good deal? I definately like the music, but I'm not sure if it's as good of a deal as it seems... Circuit City has maybe 5 of these, btw.

Are you talking about this set Brad?

If so, then I'd say it's definitely worth $30, but can probably be had on eBay for cheaper.  Doing a quick search for it there, reveals that an auction ended with no bids and a starting price of $20 just a couple weeks ago, and another current auction sitting at $10 with 3 days left.  I can't recall what the original retail price was on these boxsets in stores, but it was most likely more than $30!

I've got this boxset, and must say that it's definitely great!  One CD for each movie, plus a fourth CD which features outtakes and previously unrleased music from all 3 movies.  Mine's in storage right now, but I recall it having a great book of liner notes as well.  4 CDs of great music, which has provided me with many highly enjoyable hours of listening to some of John Williams finest work...

If you're looking for the "definitive versions" though, you might want to go for the Special Edition CDs instead, though I highly doubt you could get all 3 of these double disk sets for only $30 in a store.

Good luck, but whatever you do, you obviously need the OT music on CD somewhere in your collection, if it's not there already!   :)

Angry Ewok:
Quick Update-

Last night I finally bought this box set, and I must say, it's a good deal. I really enjoy the music, so, it's about time I bought them. I suggest anyone who hasn't got them, do so now. At $30 for 4 CD's full of great music, you're only paying $7.50 per CD, it don't get any better than that unless you take your chances at EBAY.

All  ;D :D ;) :) 8)'s over this purchase!

Records.. now that's a term I've not heard in a long time... a long time.

Since I've been collecting since the beginning, I've got the original trilogy LPs, the "story of" LPs, and the kids read along book & record sets.  I also have the "Christmas in the Stars" album and "Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell", which was written by Brian Daley.

Of course, since the advent of CDs, I've bought the remastered soundtracks and the radio shows.



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