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Man, that's a beautiful set-up and collection you've got there David!  Those are some of the few items that I would really like to own, but just don't have the money to get into right now.  It's 10x harder when I have to see such a great display like yours!   :'(

Have you picked any other MR stuff, like the Han blaster?

Boba Binks:
I prefer to make my props if possable. The only ones that I have bought are the sabers so far.

I have made my own Luke ESB Blaster

and my Jedi Training Ball

I have a replica Mauser to do the Han Blaster. I just need to get a conversion kit.

Also I have some life size Star Wars creations that I have made. You can check them out at

Cool stuff David.  Keep up the nice work!  Look forward to seeing the Han blaster in progress...


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