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Boba Binks:
I decided to check my tracking status. The Saber is on the way to my home. :)

I will post a reveiw of the Saber as soon as I get it.

Boba Binks:
Ok here is my review of the Darth Maul saber from Master Replica.

Contents: X1 Maul Saber
X1 Display Stand *No Case*
X1 Plaque Holder
X1 COA, MR stuff, ect.
X1 Plaque I have #44 of 3000

The Saber is one piece and does not come apart at the middle.
The buttons are nice. I thought the little squares were little clear buttons but on this version they are just indented spots painted black.
The end emmiters are solid. I was hoping for the Hollow end caps.
The weight has some heft.
The saber seems to be smaller than I remember it from the Magic of Myth exhibit. But I am sure it is the correct size.
All and all I give this saber  a 7 out of 10.

I should not complain. At least I have the Darth Maul Saber now in my collection.

Sounds pretty nice, but not quite perfect.  You going to slap that thing into your sweet saber display case David?  Looking forward to updated pix of it when you do.

Most jealous I am...  Wish I had the cojones to go after that MR and old Icons stuff.  Unfortunatley, I think that might be testing my wife's limits a bit too much, all things considered.

They're definitely some beautiful collectibles...

Boba Binks:
Here you go JediMac

Now to wait for my SaberArt Qui-Gon saber. Then my Lightsaber Collection will be complete. That is until Episode 3. :)

Many years ago I got the Icons Skywalker, Vader, and Obi-Wan sabers from a place that was going out of business called BIG Entertainment. The guy there knew I was into Star Wars and he showed me the three sabers. He gave me a really good deal on all three. I paid less for all three of them than what one costs now. That was my first Lightsaber purchase. Now I am trying to get all the main sabers used in the movies.
They are not cheap. Well worth it I say if you can get them.

I will have to say that my Saber case is probably my pride and joy of my collection.

Cool collection! :)

Master Replicas just announced the order date for the next three lightsabers.

CS Members: 9 EST March 26
General Public: 9 EST March 27

They are going to be:
ESB Vader Saber (either Sig. (LE 500) or Non Sig.)
ESB Luke Saber (either Sig. or Non Sig.)
ANH Obi Wan Saber (either Weathered or Not Weathered (LE 500))


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