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I would have to say the security battle droid because I love to army build with battle droids.Plus they were perfect for my battle droid control ship diorama.I might have picked the scout trooper if he had better articulation.

My favorite PotJ figure is still Bespin Han. 

Not the best articulation, but it was light years ahead of the PotF2 Bespin Han.  I loved the holster and the sculpt of his coat.  Definately my favorite PotJ figure.


I agree with Jeff.  The "Bespin Capture" Han Solo was my favorite figure of the line.  There were a lot of great ones in POTJ, and really very few "stinkers" in the line overall. Being a Han/Chewie fan (and one of my favorite "versions" of Han - the Bespin version), along with the fact that my wife found and gave me this figure as a Christmas is definitely my favorite.

My choice is an odd one for me.  I'm not the biggest fan of Lando, but I think the POTJ Lando is just a fantastic figure.  It's a good likeness, the cape is great and I think the pose is really nice. 

R2-Q5 is always one of my faves as well.  300th Fett is cool too, but not a fair comparison given it was more of a deluxe figure. 

Jesse James:
The POTJ line-up was filled with great figures...  Some of my tops are:

-R4 droid (the green/white droid)
-FX-7 (best droid ever still I think)
-Jek Porkins
-Bacta Luke
-Bespin Guard (one of the best army builders ever)
-Teebo (Best Ewok ever)
-Mon Cal Officer/Crewman (Great generic army builder)
-K-3PO (Nice repaint, and needed, just needed a hideable damage feature)
-Sandtrooper (again, great army builder short of wrist articulation)
-Tessek (One of the best Jabba's Palace aliens still)

Hell, I even liked the EU guys like Snowbi Wan, and Qui Gon/Obi-Wan Jedi Training Gear figures.  The Mauls were just stale though.

And unfortunately POTJ was a sign of things to come with static poses...  Eeth Sloth was a great sculpt but an attrocious figure, and Bespin Leia, Bespin Lando, and DS Escape Han all exemplified figures that were nothing more than a statue you couldn't use outside of its one pose.  Those sucked to me for their static poses.

However, my favorite figure from POTJ was easily the...

Imperial Officer!

While I think it's been fairly well widdled down that these guys are actually gunnery crewman (IE: Gunners without the helmets like we're used to) after some photo evidence from ANH (or they could be pilots at rest too), the figure was nonetheless an incredible army builder.

Fairly generic, fairly plentiful (could've stood being moreso though, given that he was always the first to sell-out from the later waves he shipped in), and fairly poseable, he was a great figure overall for filling in any Imperial diorama.

The saga headsculpts just added to his coolness then, but he was a must have in multiples for me.  I still pick any of them up if I find them for $5 or less.  Just got a pile of all 3 head variants not long ago from someone at Scum actually.

The Imp. Officer gets my nod, though all the figures I listed were fantastic and hold up well even against the VOTC quality we're seeing now...  Let's just hope that new and better level of quality carries over to future waves of classic figures then though.  Even though POTJ was cool, VOTC showed just how much better things can be.


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