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Dagobah Vader w/ Secret Luke Sticker

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This was only issued in Canada on a Tri-Logo with Special Sticker.
Does anyone else have this figure with the sticker?
Seems to fetch a pretty good amount of $$$ from what I have seen in the past. Here's a pic:

I only found 2 up here.

Darth Paul:
I never saw 'em here in T.O.  :'(
Still need one but doubt I'll ever have it.  Another victory for Hasbro Canada!

I've been trying for months to get Morgbug to give me one of his.  Surprisingly, to no avail...   ;)

I kept hoping to see that here (in the US). I kept waiting to find one so I could open my first one (I ended up getting a 2nd one at  KB)

Dude, I only have one left.  I traded my other for a Jorg Sacul, straight up.  If I had more, I'd happily share but I doubt I'll see that again.

I've noticed the price has dropped on ebay, rather substantially.  In the summer it would fetch over $100 US, now seems to be in the $40-50 range.  

I think they were released in Mexico as well.


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