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whats the deal with some of the POTJ figs not having force files?

The later items, mainly the last three waves lost the force files.  Most people seem to regard these as  a transition towards the SAGA line.  

The force files seemed to get a not so great reception.  The consensus among most collectors seemed to be "give us more accessories, not more paper".

yeah, i can definately agree with more accessories, less paper. The only problem is they didn't include anything more in the figures that lacked the force files. Oh well.

Well, what Hasbro was trying to do with the force files was to add some value to the overall figure.  Before that, the value-added item had been the Commtech chip.  In fact, there's a litany of little value added things that Hasbro has tried.

But I think the overiding issue that you can find with those last three waves of POTJ is this:  they were probably THE BEST figures that were done in the entire line.  To me, that makes up for the absence of the force files.

so we're on the same page, what WERE the last three waves? I don't have all the figs yet... I know Teebo, Bo Shek , and that droid dude were casue they don't have force files... what other ones?


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