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My art, hope you like.

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Hi there, this is my first post on this forum, just registered today, thought I would my homepage up for people to check out my art, visit,    check out the art section and also the Luke/Vader Bespin Duel pumkin I carved last year, hope you like it..
God bless,

Welcome to Jedidefender moroni_130.
I just looked at your site. That art work & pumkin carvings are Fantastic.
How long did it take to do a carving?
W :o W.

Wow!  Nice work there Jamie - on the drawings/sketches and the pumpkin!  Wish I had just a smidgeon of artistic talent...

Keep up the great work, and welcome to JediDefender!  We look forward to more of your thoughts and artwork here...   :)

Angry Ewok:
You're a really talented dude! I'm really impressed with the drawings, and that Pumpkin is probably the coolest pumkin I've seen since the Death Star one. Very awesome stuff, welcome to the site.

hey thanks for the kind words and greetings, I am glad you like the work, they are only first drafts, I should be posting a new one in a few days, Thanks again for the words.... I had some many fathers  asking me about the pumkin on halloween it was amazing, lol..
Thanks again...


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