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POTF2 AT-AT to trade


I am new to these forums but I am also a veteran trader on the Rebelscum Listserv Tradelist so I can get you plenty of trade references from there plus I think there are a couple of people on this forum who would recognize me as well.  On to business....
I have a MIB AT-AT to trade and I am looking to get the TRU exclusive X-wing & new landspeeder w/ Luke.  I would like to trade the AT-AT for both, HOWEVER, if you don't feel that is enough contact me with what you are looking for because I have other stuff to trade.  Looking for some help here because where I live there isn't a TRU, (Missoula, MT).

I am also new to this forum, and I think I might be able to help you out.  There's a TRU right by my house, so I could get these items for you.  However, I would have to see some pictures of this box you possess (multiple-angle pictures).  Has the AT-AT ever been taken out of the box?  What else do you have to offer?



Thanks for replying but I have a trade in progress at the moment.

And have completed this trade in case anyone comes across this post.


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