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Click a link, get exploding font?

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Jango Fettish:
Every time I click on a link to a forum, the text just gets massive, and kinda runs over everything else?

Any ideas? I'm totally stumped, and it's annoying.  :-\

Very strange...  Never heard of this happening before, but we'll have Chris look into it for ya'!

Problem has been solved. To correct this , right click anywhere in a page on the forums (not an image) and choose the "Encoding" menu. Select "Cyrllic" as your encoding type. This should solve the problem. If you still have difficulty when on the site or forums, please relay the information to a staff member. :)

It's fixed now.  I agree with Jango Fettish about the problem... I also noticed that same problem.  Thanks for fixing it.

Ahh, good thing I checked here first to see if this had been addressed...all better  :D

Ok, maybe not...when I add the smiley it explodes immediately.  how come??

Left and came back:
Nope, it didn't work for me, I picked the windows version (there are five to pick from) same exploding to find a staff member....


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