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I have just received the rest of my needed Star Wars PEZ dispensers to finish my collection, but I have a question for everyone here.  Half of these are in their original baggies, and the others are loose.  I want to display them, and would probably want to just remove them from their baggies.  But, would that totally destroy the value of these?  I don't know the value of Star Wars PEZ dispensers, so if anyone could give me some insight here I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

The Pez dispensors ain't worth squat really.  I've got a set of all 9 OT ones.  They came either carded or bagged.  There were also 3 additional ones released for AOTC (plus 2 rehashes).  Mine were all bagged, though I think they look much better on a card.  But yes Chris, taking them out of the bags will ruin what tiny bit of value they even had (which is basically what they retailed for, if that).  But since these are basically worthless, you shouldn't be picking these up if you're interested in their value really.  But rather just for the hell of it, as they're fun and unique (and occasionally useful) collectibles.

Here's an auction for the 9 OT carded ones for $10, that ended with no bids on it - if that gives you any indication of their value (or lack thereof)...
Complete set of 9 Star Wars Pez

Here's an opened set of all 9 (with a few extras) that ended for $2.24...
13 loose SW Pez

Here's a COMPLETE set of all 12 Pez dispencers (including the 3 AOTC ones) that ended for $11...
Set of 12 SW Pez

Here's a case of 24 that ended for $12.95...
24 SW Pez Case

Bagged set of all 12 for $10 ending with no bids:
Bagged set of 12 SW Pez

Best way to ever check on the value of stuff, is just to type that item into eBay's search box, have it search (which will give you active auctions), and then click "Completed Auctions" (over to the left).  That will give you a pretty accurate idea of the current market value of pretty much anything on the planet.  Here's the completed SW Pez auctions (all 396 of them)...
Completed Star Wars Pez auctions

So anyways, you can see that they ain't worth scratch - one dollar each at most.  But they're fun little collectibles to have anyways.  Open 'em up and enjoy.  Or for just $5 - $10 go get yourself a second set of all 12 and keep it sealed so you can have it both ways...   :)

For anyone wondering what the "Complete set" of Star Wars Pez dispencers consists of, here ya' go:

9 releases from several years ago from the Original Trilogy:
1) Princess Leia
2) X-Wing Pilot Luke
3) Chewbacca
4) Yoda
5) C-3PO
6) Darth Vader
7) Boba Fett
8 ) Stormtrooper
9) Wickett

3 (really 5) releases from AOTC:
1) Jango Fett
2) Clonetrooper
3) R2-D2
4) Yoda (rehash from above)
5) C-3PO (rehash from above)

I have all of the SW PEZ(no rehashes, though :P) and I don't really care about the value, whatever it may be. Like Matt said, they're unique. Also, it's the only SW collectible that I can be sure I'll have the complete collection of. ;)

I just leave them loose:


I knew they really didn't have much value, so I almost don't know why I even posted this to begin with.

As far as the list of figures that you mentioned about Matt, there were two other ones made that are extremely valuable.  There was the silver Darth Vader and the gold C-3PO that are currently valued at $115.  There were only 500 of each made, and I would love to get one of these.  I don't own these PEZ dispensers because of value purposes, but I just didn't want to open them up if they might appreciate over time.

I'm going to rip them open for display.    :)

Thanks for the tid-bit fellas.


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