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Come one, come all......

For only 25 bucks a pop, you can order each of the three new LE Crystal Star Wars PEZ dispensers:

Dang, wife was in here when I clicked on that.  She asked if there were idiots that would pay that much for a Pez dispenser.  

Probably not worth trying to hide it, cuz she'd eventually find it anyway.  Where's that link to the master replica...

Here's a better link to those new $25 collectible PEZ dispensers...

Now I want to get these too!!!

I don't think I can bring myself to pay $25 for a PEZ dispenser, although I'd love to have them all in the collection.  I'd never even heard about the gold and silver ones - I hope that's real gold and silver plating for $115.

My husband just rolled his eyes.

I've got all the regular PEZ in baggies and a couple on cards. I also nabbed a couple of SW PEZ displays from the Joann's Fabric store, so whenever we get the new house, hopefully that's how I'll be displaying 'em.


Jango Fettish:
Hmmph. I was really hoping for a *particular character*, wink wink-nudge nudge, but oh well.

These just don't seem $25 nice, maybe $10-$15.


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