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Angry Ewok:
I haven't seen a new toy in my town since December of 2002...  I swear, crack dealers have better distribution than Hasbro does...  It's pathetic.  Hasbro needs to do something fast.

I will second that. In my area 1 in 3 walmarts had the tie bomber none had holiday or trash sets, no stores had anything past the first clone pilot wave..   It is so hard to try and keep up just buying at retail this way.

I agree with the two previous posts.  I live in the Chicagoland area, and there's nothing available out here.  There might be one or two stores that have stuff, but I'm not driving an hour to get something.  It's ridiculous!

Seems you guys are having the same problem as with us up here in Canada. Pretty sad IMHO. Nothing has turned up here in a very long time.  :(

Angry Ewok:
From my estimation, the last time I saw something new in town was December 29th, 2002.... That's ridiculous.


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