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It really seems like there has been a resurgence of interest in "other collectibles" in the past year or so, with the release of items like the Master Replicas line, Dark Horse Mini Busts, Kotobukiya Vinyl kits, food promotions, etc. However, what seems to go unnoticed are all of the items from the neo-classic era for Star Wars (mid-90's - pre-prequels). Ive been going back and looking through Jawa Traders and whatnot, and there were some absolutely fantastic items back then! And the best part is, they are at rock bottom prices if you know where to look.

So, what are some of the neo-classic items that interest you the most? What do you have, and what are you trying to find?

One of my favorite lines is the Riddell Mini Helmet line. Easily my most cherished collectibles from Star Wars. It is a line I wish every day could make a comeback, as it has world of possibilities!

Right now, Im also starting to work on the Legends in 3D bust line. They are really down pricewise, and I've had some good luck so far. So far I've won two on Ebay (Greedo and Cantina Band Member) for $25 and $45 respectively. About twice the size of Dark Horse mini busts, and in the case of Greedo, at half the price! :)

I also want to collect the 70mm film frames. I don't have any yet, and Im trying to hold out for large lots or complete sets, but the prices look really great on Ebay right now (as low as 6-7 bucks)

So what other neo classic items are there out there? What stuff did you love, what did you hate? What are you trying to collect now, or what do you have? Anyone trying to sell Legends busts or film frames? :)

Angry Ewok:
I liked the Applause Vinyl 10 inchers, the prequel to the 12 inch line. :D They are very low-detail, somewhat low quality in general, but I still like them.
I've got Darth Vader, Han (Stormtrooper), ANH ObiWan, Lando (Skiff), and Liea (Speeder Bike).

One day I'll pick up the TIE Pilot and Wedge Antilles, too.

Another thing, I believe this was pre-prequel, the Electronic banks. I've got Darth Vader, and the C3PO/R2 banks. Vader just swings his blade around to some music, but 3PO introduces R2 and himself, and R2 rolls up and knocks the coin into the slot. Awesome.

The banks are definately cool! I also have those, my favorite was C3PO and R2; I could never really get past the voice with the Vader bank, it just didnt sound right

The R2-D2C-3P0 bank is sweet!  One of my friends has that it's very cool.  Haven't seen the Darth Vader bank in person, so I don't know if that's any good or not.

The Riddell mini-helmets are brilliant.  I've managed to pick up most of those on clearance through different catalogs, including, bizarrely enough, a sportsman's catalog.  

I've got the Vader and Droids banks, too.   I had quite a problem with one of them; my husband took it apart and managed to fix it.  But I do not think highly of Thinkway toys.

I've got a few of the film frames; when they came out, my husband and I ran a store and we sold them in there, but I managed to pull a few out and keep them.  I have a couple of the Metallic Images metal trading card sets, and a counter display for the first set, also some of the steins made by the same company.



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