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Thomas Grey:
Power of the Force 2 had some brilliant releases that still have not been expanded upon. Delving into the worlds of Star Wars novels, comic books and video games, Kenner & Hasbro introduced some great characters into the realm of 3-D figures. With Shadows of the Empire and the Expanded Universe lines we were given a whole new list of countless new figure possibilities. Unfortunately, Hasbro hasn't taken the ball and run with it.

If they were to introduce a new Expanded Universe line today, what figures would you most want to see them release?

Due to my unfamiliarity with most of the EU stuff, I have little input here, but it would help me to know where to go when I begin my exploration into the Expanded Star Wars Universe.

I'll be honset when I say hardly anything, I hate pretty much all EU I have read.  The exception being the original Zahn trilogy stuff of the early 90's which really recaptured my love of SW.  THat being said I would take an original never before done movie character over and EU figure 99 times out of 100.  The exception being Conept Art ala the upcoming McQuarrie Stormtrooper and EU based on existing OT designs ala the Star Tour astromechs

EU just isn't my cup o' tea but I'm sure I am in the minority a lot of people like it a lot more than I do

Thomas Grey:
I thought of a couple I would like to see...

1. A figure of a Bothan Spy. They deserve a figure especially because of the species class they will have for them  when SW Galaxies gets rolling. We know what they look like, and they are definitely cool enough to get a figure.

2. Wooacca (sic). I have never liked any of the art I've seen for his character, but we need more wookiees and a wookiee jedi would be a darn good addition!

3. A Krayt Dragon Beast Figure. The only thing we have to go on is a skeleton in ANH, unless I forgot that they added one in the newer release. These are so cool and beasts you do not want to mess with.

4. Any new bounty hunters would be great. Would also like to see Jango Fett's posse from the Open Seasons comic.

that's it for now.

I must say, I really do not like Expanded Universe. It is not made or created by Lucas and is not a movie, I don't really consider it "official Star Wars", but some fan (or company) made ideas about Star Wars. No big deal to me, I still don't understand all of those Darth Mauls, my thing is, if they are not in the movie, don't make a action figure. Sure, I can like the look, but they just don't feel Star Wars to me.

Thomas Grey:
As far as I know, all these ideas are approved by Lucas himself. I would imagine that he would not let something be printed about his universe without giving it a thumbs up. George has the power to kill any idea and so, he probably has had some input in most of the EU stuff out there. I am only familiar with comic stuff and not as so with the novels, but I intend to look into them when the movies stop and I hope at some point, someone picks up the ball and takes some of these things into smaller format film media (HBO, network tele or even the big screen. I am not a 'true' fan of EU, but I am not against the idea, nor am I against the characters of these EU stories being made into figures.


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