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Continuing my "Other Collectibles" trend:

Do you collect any Star Wars Food Promos? If so, what? Got any favorites?

I've collected different items since around special edition, and have collecting things such as cards and stickers, to pens, wrappers, boxes and other food related stuff. I went all out with AOTC, and got all of the General Mills and Frito Lay promo items (did anyone else order the promo cd from Frito Lay? Mine never arrived), as well as all of the packaging such as wrappers (including the 17 GoGurt wraps) and cereal boxes. One of my favorite items is the mega sized Clonetrooper Starpic, which was given to me by a Frito Lay distributor. He also gave me some life size standups, as well as a huge POP overhead display! :) I also have sets of TPM Pepsi cans from about 6 countries now, and would love to build a set from every country. Also trying to find the rest of the Gold Yoda cans I need (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew and the ultra rare Storm).

The best part about food promos? They're free (generally anyway)!

As I've said on other areas of this board, I collect anything Star Wars.  I have all the US Pepsi cans from Ep1, including the Storm ones, excluding the Gold Yoda.  I have a bunch of Doritos and other chip bags from the U.S., England, and Spain.  (I don't recall a CD offer, though).  I have some chocolate and biscuit wrappers from Spain and England.  One of the plastic chip buckets from Target, the 3 metal "popcorn" Frito-Lay tins from Sam's Club (one sans lid, that one came from a K-B Toy outlet).  The small collector tin from Pepsi and TRU.  Bunches of Pez dispensers; almost all the Kids Meal giveaways, bags, cups and so forth from Tri-Con Global.  And going back a ways, all the original glasses from the Burger King days.  Lots of the new cereal boxes and a few of the vintage ones.  Some of the fruit roll-ups (yep, I saved the peel-off strips with the messages on it), Go-gurt boxes and I rinsed out the tubes.  Pizza boxes from Pizza the Hutt (the manager at our local store must have thought I was crazy - my mom had bought a carton of blank pizza boxes once when they sold framed pictures, because people wanted boxes to wrap them for gifts.  Well, I took in one of these empty boxes and said, "Put my pizza in this, I want the box clean."  They wouldn't use my box ever, but they did give me a "plain" box with the pizza in it and gave me the clean Star Wars box, so I have most of those grease-free.  

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.


Jango Fettish:
Included in this pic are the following:

Jango Fett Movie Cash
Japan Pepsi Jango Fett Can
All 3 Japanese Jango Pepsi Caps
All 4 Jango Fett Star pics
Canadian Rubix Cube Jango/Clone Trooper
Ruffles + Doritos Jango chip bags
Cap Candy Lollipop Bust from US + UK
US Bagged Jango Pez
US Carded Jango Pez
Japanese Wrapped Pez
Japanese Xylish Gum Dispenser
French "Hollywood" Mini Gum Box w/ Jango Fett

Now, I know these aren't exactly premiums, butthey are food related. I also have 9 cereal boxes from all over the world featuring Jango.

I also have the Jumbo Yellow Clone Trooper Star Pic from Frito Lay, Jango Fett Frito Lay Stand Up x 2, German Jango Fett Pencil Topper, and a Hungary Jango/Mace 3D Lenticular Card.  ;D  :P

Hey, Jango, You have a nice collection there.  The item I'm most curious about is on the corner of one of the Ruffles poster - is that a glass mug?  Is that a foreign item?


Jango Fettish:
Thank you, Auriette.  ;D

The glass stein is actually an officially licensed, US item, by the same people who made the ceramic figural mug, and the the black coffee mug in front of it.

Companys name would be NECA. They are also the same ones that issued the Clone Trooper ceramic figural mug, the latest R2 ceramic bank, and the Jedi Starfighter vs Slave 1 large sized snowglobe, which is in my closet due to being out of season.  :P


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