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I dabble a bit in the food promo stuff I guess.  I don't really go too much out of my way to hunt it down, but I'll grab SW related food stuff whenever I see it.  Let's see, I've got:

[*]Most all of the fast food premiums from the SE's and TPM (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut)[*]Various chip bags, cereal boxes, candy, and other random food wrappers/boxes/containers[*]The complete Pepsi can run for TPM (sans Gold Yoda)[/list]Then if you want to go all the way back to the Vintage era, I've got to include one of my all-time favorite collecting subsets:  The Burger King glasses! - complete set of all 12.  Had them all as a kid, but they were one of the few SW items of mine that actually found their way into our garage sales unfortunately.

But about 4 years ago, I started scoping out the eBay auctions for some new ones to replace them, and totally lucked out by winning a complete set of 12 perfectly mint ones for just $45 from someone who lived just 20 minutes away from me here in L.A.  Met up in person, so I didn't even have to sweat the risk of them being shipped.  Just love these things!  A great collectible that I'd recommend others look into who were around way back then (and for those who weren't as well)!

Thanks for the info on the mugs, Cory.  I've done a quick search and found some things to order already, but ugh, I have to leave for work soon, so I don't have time for all the research.

I wish one of the Tricon restaurants would have done glass glasses for the new trilogy.  I know they were trying to avoid glass for the safety reasons, but BK did glass mugs for Lord of the Rings and McDonalds had glass mugs for one of the Batman films, and I think maybe the Flintstones, too.  So, there's no excuse!


I have 3 of the glass mugs. Got them at Suncoast Video in Southern CA for $2.00 on Clearance! One features the Jedi, One the droids and Padme and the other the villians. They are cool. I use them though. After loosing my glasses in the 94 earthquake I don't collect much breakables anymore ;D

I have the Canadian exclusive Clone Trooper Helmet with cereal. I also have one loose that I ordered.

Did those 6 double faced Rubik's cube Canadian "thingees" come out of cereal boxes?  I can't recall, but I think they may have.  Brent (Morgbug) hooked me up with a complete set of those.  Interesting little gadgets...

I also just remembered that I picked up a set of those 3 small die-cast racing cars (with OT, TPM, and AOTC designs on them) from that U.S. cereal promotion running at around the date of release for AOTC.  I never once saw the promotion running on any cereal boxes in SoCal, but a nice guy up in the Bay Area shot me one of the order forms for them, so I snagged a set.  They were only a couple bucks total - not a bad deal for 3 little SW Hot Wheel type of cars!


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