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Tusken w/ Massif


Angry Ewok:
Appearance -
Tuskens are one of the coolest charactors in SW... I would have liked to have seen a detatchable bandoleer, or something... something to give it more dimension. The Massif has a detatchable harness, which gives it the dimension I'm talking about. Either way, cool character.

Articluation -
Errr... Head, arms, 1 elbow, waist, and 2 legs, 1 wrist. Thats a total of 8... Not bad, but I'm confused. Why is Hasbro articulating joints on one side but not the other? (ie, see Carkoon Fett's knee's, Coleman Trebors knee, etc)... It just seems  stupid to me. I'll give this a decent grade, as the Tusken can hold a rifle in a few positions, etc.

Pose-ability -
Pretty limited, to be honest, but luckily the eblow and wrist joint is articulated on the respected limbs.... Not terrible.

Accessory -
Massif is pretty cool. Good to have him. Points off simply because I'm not in a good enough mood to give a full 10, and a Rifle was not included.

Overall -
I like the figure a lot, I like Tuskens... I'm disapointed that a weapon was not included even though it was obviously sculpted to hold the rifle offered by the original Tusken (yes, this is a rehash). I woulda liked a removable head like the newer Tusken, but this is nice.


Too bad it's a rehash of the Tusken Sniper from POTJ, and the Massif is from the Geonosian Warrior package.  Can't Hasbro come up with NEW poses???


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