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What are some good racing games for Xbox. I am hooked on the sega gt2002 but other than that what else is a good bang for the buck?

 I hate to spend 40 bucks on something I end up hating after a few days.

Don't know any games for X-Box... why wouldn't you just get a PS2 instead???


Well I got way to good of a deal on the Xbox to pass up.  And I have just gotten back into the game stuff. So I will stick with the Xbox for now unless I can get a deal on a PS2. are they really that differnt?  I have never played one.

PS2 has a ton more games to play, and it lets you play the older & original Playstation games.  The graphics are just as good as the X-Box if not better.

Thanks thats somthing to keep in mind if I run across one. I haven't had a game system since a playstation years ago before that it was an old nintendo and an atari 2600


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