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Best POTJ Fig?

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I'm getting really excited about this line! What is everyones favorite figure, and why? I only have about 20 right now, so I feel as if I cannot voice my opion because I have an incomplete collection... The rest of you post below!!!

No contest. The best is the 300th Figure of Boba Fett. 2nd would be the Coruscant Guard IMO.

Angry Ewok:
Great line, but Tessek is easily my favorite. Followed by other greats such as Eeth Koth, and of course the Imperial Officer, Teebo, and R4M9.

POTJ was a fantastic line.

For me?  Hands down, FX-7

Most were done very well,
 I like the 300th Fett. I also liked others as well. Its hard to pin down a definate fav for me.


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