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Best POTJ Fig?

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FX-7 stands head and shoulders above everything else and despite all those arms she doesn't even have shoulders (yes I always thought of FX as girl).

Jesse James:
I concur...  FX-7 is probably my top pick.  All the articulated arms, the hyper detail (down to the red spatters, whatever they may be, on the one arm), definitely makes it a figure to be reckoned with.  There aren't many that compare, and it's the type of figure that I don't look at and think, "Boy I wish they'd update FX-7!".

I can't say that about ANY figure otherwise.

Every other figure in POTJ could stand to use a modern update...  Some it's just a matter of better articulation, but every single one could be updated for sure...  Hell, some that WERE updated could stand another update, actually.

Glad to see a thread like this bumped up.  POTJ really was one of those very cool lines.  Great sculpting and cool character selections.

I still think that FX-7 is one of the best figures of this line.  That figure really stands the test of time very well some 12+ years later.  And with some hindsight there are a few other POTJ figures that I kind of like.  Amanaman was pretty awesome.  And Bacta Tank Luke was, too, if we're talking about the Deluxe line.  As for basic figures?  The sculpts on Ellors Madak, Tessek and Zutton hold up pretty well for me.  And I definitely appreciated the astromechs like R2-Q5 and R4-M9.


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