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Best POTJ Fig?

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Lots of good ones mentioned already.As a overall whole this is my favorite modern line of figures.I cant pick just one so I'll list a few I really like.

BoShek,R2-Q5,K3P0,Coruscant Guard, Boba Fett,Biker scout,FX-7,Eeth Koth,Imperial officer & Gungan Warrior.

They're all very good-looking figures, so I think it's too hard to say one is by far the best.

Jango Fettish:
My vote, as it always has, goes to Plo Koon. He has the best Force File picture, IMO, and the paint app. is second to none. I mean, look at the scales on his hand, and the head, I dunno why they didn't just take the POTJ head for the Saga Plo Koon, because it's a thing of beauty.

Darth Broem:
It's too hard for me to pick my fav.  Although I really liked the Sandtrooper and Tessek among many, many others.

Jesse James:
POTJ had some of the hands down most AWESOME figures of the modern line.

None were perfect, and none were of the quality of lines like X-Treme Detail, but Hasbro came DARN close a few times.

My tops would be:

1) Imperial Officer (And his Saga head variants)
2) Bespin Capture Han Solo
3) Bespin Security Guard
4) Sandtrooper (Didn't like him as much at first, but the 4-pack's helped change my opinion)
5) Tessek
6) R2-Q5
7) Bo Shek
8 ) R4-M9
9) Zutton
10) FX-7
11) Teebo
12) Amanaman
13) Mon Cal Crewman
14) K-3PO

Those are just some of my favorites...  I think POTJ blew Saga away in overall GOOD figures and better quality.  Price was higher though...  $5.99 was what I got most of the POTJ for myself, sometimes cheaper.

Some of those figures are in my top 10 all time from Hasbro I really think...

Hasbro's seemingly incapable of making perfection though...  At least they feel it's not worth the effort anyway.  They're SO close on some of those though, like Bespin Capture Han, Bespin Guard, and the Sandtrooper...

You add 4 points of articulation to each of those figures, and you've got something I feel is on-par with an X-D figure in overall perfection...  Even if XD still outdoes them in the articulation department.  

And no, the Fleet Trooper doesn't make my list...  It's still a weak figure. :)


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