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What's up with the Jedi and the Vong?!


The Jedi were pathetic during the Vong invasion in NJO books!

I hated that!  So what you can't see the bums in the force. Ok just go Vader on them and hurl boulders at the idiots.  Or push all the air away from their heads, make little bubble voids and kill them.

Come on Jedi!

I have no idea what happens cause I don't read the NJO series, nor do I really pay attention to most of the EU stuff, but from what I've read on some forums, The jedi are virtually powerless and Luke calls in a favor from Boba Fett. Boba then saves the day with his mandalorian army by somehow whooping the vong's butts. I have no idea if it's true though.

yeah that a pretty off rumor.

Fett shows up in one book and fight together with Han to get away from the Vong.

Yeah the Jedi are pretty pathetic to the Vong.  They can't feel/see/touch them in the force, so they are just voids.  And the Jedi can't anticipate their moves.

the whole Series started badly had a good middle and ended badly.  I'm suggest reading them ONLY to be able to appreciate the "Enemy Lines" books (2) they ROCKED!

But yeah, my main point is that the jedi are all whining about not being able to see them.  Ok so what, you can use your eye, pick up that bolder and drop it on them.


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