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Revenge of the Sith made all EU wrong!

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Well, from Heir of the Empire on anyway.

Yoda said that Qui-Gon Jinn found a path to imortality, so basically, anyone who learned this from him (Yoda, Obi-Wan and in a round about way Anakin) would be around forever.

In Heir to the Empire, Obi-Wan appears to Luke Skywalker in a dream and says that the bonds between him and Luke was going away and he would not be able to communicate with him anymore thus leaving Luke on his own to restore the Jedi order to the galaxy.


If we go by what ROTS puts forth, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin and even Qui-gon could be around to advise Luke and the other Jedi in all the problems of what the Jedi should do, act and whatnot throughout every EU story post ROTJ!

Now I'm not going on some crazy book burning crusade or anything, personally there are many EU stories I really enjoy, but this little tidbit's been kind of bugging me lately.  Granted none of the authors knew that this was how GL was going to establish how there could be Jedi spirits running around in the OT, but they could've made it possible to communicate with them, and possibly even train the technique to future Jedi.

Think of how different the NJO series would've been if we could've seen Anakin Solo again?

Oh well, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this and hear what the rest of you would have to say on the subject.  :)

This has been one of the problems I have had with Lucas. He puts his big thumbs up for all of these EU stories, but can't even bother to integrate them coherently into the prequels. I just find that to be extremely ******, that he'll make all the money off the backs (hands really) of the EU authors, but will totally disavow what they have come up with when it doesn't suit him.

Ok with the rant out of the way, here's how I see the revelation in ROTS working in conjunction with how Jedi spirits work in the EU...

While Yoda indicates Qui-Gon has found a "path to immortality" it doesn't mean he has the ability to communicate with the corporeal world indefinitely. Taking a look at the Marvel comics of the 80's, they had a higher plane of existence where Jedi went to when they died, an aether if you will. Here is where they would "live" for eternity communing with the greater Force, but their connection to the mortal coil is limited only to a certain amount of time. This would be so that they do not effect the physical plane, as they could accidently use the knowledge that they have gained to adversely effect the physical plane. This would either be a self-imposed restriction that the Jedi must place upon themselves, or more likely a restriction by the Force to keep the proper balance between the two planes. That is why Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin only speak to Luke and Leia for only a few years after ROTJ.

Also I don't believe the Qui-Gon is the first to discover the ability to communicate from the netherworld, as EU establishes that Jedi and Sith in the past could do just that. I think he re-discovered the ability, something that was lost to the Jedi over the millenia.

Now as for Anakin Solo, I thought I recalled that at some point in the New Jedi Order, Jacen had a vision that equated to Anakin speaking to him from the beyond. I might be wrong on that, but it has been a while since I read most of the books...

It wasn't Anakin that Jacen talked with, it was Vergere, when she sacrificed herself so that Jacen could get away.

Good points in your post Corran, but I still see some inconsistencies.  Qui-gon had been dead for 13 years by the end of ROTS when Yoda and Obi-Wan were still able to commune with him, and by Heir to the Empire, Obi-Wan had only been dead for 8 and could no longer keep in contact with Luke....Yoda was nowhere to be found.

I guess we don't know how long Qui-Gon kept Obi-Wan company on Tatooine, but still, you'd think Yoda and Obi-Wan could've talked with Luke and the other Jedi longer.

Jesse James:
Perhaps Obi-Wan's not being totally "honest" with Luke once more?  Maybe his leaving is a means of detatching the "strings" that tie him to Luke (attachment being a no-no by the views of the Jedi and all that) and so Obi-Wan's just trying to make it easier on Luke by letting go?  Letting Luke develope and grow on his own now. 

I know I wouldn't trust that old fogy. :)

You're reaching.


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