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Well I got my Interactive R2D2 from the US. This thing is big. They have started to show up at TRU & retail for $179.99 CDN.
16" high by 9" wide & 21" in diameter.
Requires 4 AAA & 4 D size batteries.

It takes some time getting use to the commands. Once I got him going I was amazed at what it could do. Lets just say he beeps & clicks.  ;)

I had him moving around on the kitchen floor. He does move well on rugs but I have cats & the cat hairs I am afraid will get caught in the legs. Best to stay on a smooth surface. I had him going in circles & bumping off walls.

As for commands, he responds very well. I mention SW names, eg: Luke, C-3PO, Han, & he reponds with beeps & clicks. His head turns also. When I mention Darth Vader, he freaks out by screaming  & starts playing the Imperial march. Jabba was a gas & Jawa, well he went balistic. Princess Leia was nice & he played a phrase in her voice. I had him playing the Cantina music but I cannot remember how I did that. I have to try more commands & find the hidden ones that I have heard about. He does shake his head back & forth as to saying no to certain things.

The commands must be done in a certain order for the proper responce. When I have more free time, I will keep you posted.

If others have this R2 unit, please post with your reviews on this very well made & fun Automaton.


That sounds pretty cool. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas. :)

Zam Wessell:
Thank you for letting us know what he can do.  It sounds like you are having fun with him.

I'm afraid it's too expensive right now.  I hope after the hustle and bustle of Christmas I can find one for a reasonable price ($40.00).  Then I will be able to afford one for my son!  ;)

Well if you get one, here's another hidden song.
Credit goes to for this:

So here is the Fifth Song Easter Egg for the Interactive R2D2, thanks to Wes for the input, as well as all the others.
Use these commands...
Behave Yourself
Speak Up
Speak Up

R2D2 will then play the Star Wars main theme.

Well I'll tell you, I read this & turn R2 on. I gave him the commands. Ha Ha, it works.
His head start's turning back & forth, his light beam is blinking & he does play the Star Wars theme. He even has a little clicks & his personal scream in it.

When you give him a command, you have to wait for him to respond before you give him another command & so forth.

Still working on other commands.

Angry Ewok:
Please post some pics of your R2... Gosh I want one of these so bad its pathetic.


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