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Interactive R2D2

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My camera is not that great. Here is a picture of R2 that I took.

I put my beat up carded ROTJ Boba Fett next to it for size comparison.

Angry Ewok:
GREAT NEWS - My mom let me open my second best present, and its an INTERACTIVE R2D2!!!!!

Man, this guy is a funny one. Sometimes he plays and dances, other times he wont even acknowledge me..... right now he's looking around (running into my chair as we speak, lol).

Pics in a second!

That's one long second.  ;D

Angry Ewok:
Sorry! Got carried away last night, finally got him to do all the songs. :) Today I'll program him to walk around the christmas tree, not sure if im up to that though.

Make sure he does not walk into the tree.
One word: Timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   ;D


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