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look at this please!!!!  ???

sofa-king is back, watch again the link above. I'm really curious what will happen and if I get my $ 20 back

Negative feedback retracted and deal resolved with biolachris aka Chris Stanley.

Sorry to hear that Ricardo.  Damn, you've got bad luck on the boards...  Maybe best if you just stay away from the Rebelscum classifieds.   ;)  Speaking of which, you might want to check out this thread over at RS (read through the whole thing, so you don't miss the "fun" part  :P), where there's a lengthy discussion about the propensity for the Theater Edition Luke's bubble to become separated from the card.  For whatever reason, this is a pretty common thing now, and it's even happening on mine a little.  Regardless, yours obviously shouldn't have been sent in a bubble envelope.  That's ridiculous!   ::)  Did you ask for a refund from him?  Did he have any feedback over there to start with?  If not, you should've definitely had him send the stuff first.   :-\

I'll let this warning sit out here for a while, and then I'll probably merge it in with the Bad Trader thread eventually.  Thanks for the head's up on this guy though.  Better luck next time, bud.

- Matt

P.S.  See ya' next week hopefully!   ;)

Ok he left me with no other choice
This is a trader warning about Wai
I sent my stuff 2 months ago  and am still waiting for his to arrive, the first time i got a email saying he received mine but the stuff he sent was returned because of no postcode.
So he said he would sent it again airmail 7-10 days that was over a month ago.
Traders beware.....
Wai if you get in touch with me and let me know whats going on i might delete this post.


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