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Darth Kenobi this guy Evan is a maniac, i swear i just read the first post a rebelscum, and got freaked out, that is the spawn of satan, i swear it is. :-X

From JediMAC:
Just so there's NO confusion here, Mainland05 is just responding to Darth Kenobi's post above about Evan Goodman, and NOT adding Darth Kenobi's name to the Bad Trader list here, as it could possibly be construed.  ;)

Seeing the pics of the new R2 with drink trays sprks my memory-

  Ricks Toys

 I made a trade with him a year ago- He got my fig I sent but I never received the drink carrier he was to send me- After fighting with him about it and empty promises he made time and time again I chalked it up to a loss. I see he is again active on other boards( RS)  I would advise to stay away from
. So as far as I am concerned he is on my bad trader list.

Do not do business with sofa-king AKA Terry Lee of Athens,Ohio/New Marshfield,Ohio .  We had agreed to trade two of my Saga figs,for two of his Saga Figs shipped USPS Priority w/DC.  We had also agreed to ship around the same time as each other.  He received my figs within 3 days on 3-27-04.  The last contact I had with him was on 3-30-04 and he said he took on too many trades,busy,yadda yadda,and that my figs were on the way.  Well it's exactly one month later and guess what no figs and no response to my emails.  BEWARE of this guy. ::)


That really sucks Ricardo, but don't give up just yet.  Stay persistent and hopefully things will still work out, or he'll at least just pay you for what you sent him.  He's probably hoping you'll just throw in the towel and let it go, so don't give in to the Dark Side!   ;)  I've been involved in a few trades that wound up running well past the 1 month point, but eventually all got worked out, so hopefully you'll have similar luck with this situation.

I'll leave this thread separate for a while so our members can check it out and heed your warning, but eventually I'll probably just merge it into our Bad Trader thread for permanent reference for everyone to peruse.

Good luck buddy!

- Matt

Darth Kenobi:
Just adding the new link to the RS Bad trader thread since the change over caused the lost of the previous link.Bad Trader

When I have time I will also add the new links for the links that I have in one of my above post so others can see them.

PS Sorry Matt for causing this thread to be above the Trade Feedback so you have to bump that one up. ;D


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