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I have started a BAD SELLERS LIST after my recent screwover from yet another eBay seller.

I am trying to get this portion of my site as much traffic as possible, and will continue to build on it and leave the bad sellers there.  Unless of course they do the right thing, which ain't going to happen as long as eBay continues to protect these losers.

I'm thinking about adding bad experiences from others to the page as well.  I must request that if you wish to be added, I need every last little bit of information about your transaction.

Look at the one I did for an example, and see if you have enough info.  Mine isn't finished yet, but it's a good start.


 (I find this post ironic considering JediTray was banned from JD for scalping and dishonest trading practices... ::))

By the way, the bad eBay seller's ID is neo.and.trinity.  It's all in my link.

I am sorry to say I got taken by this guy shawnmatthewtoys on Ebay, Ebay as ever wasnt any use.

I paid for an item on the 13th Aug, 3 weeks later it hadnt arrived so I asked for a Refund, never heard any reply, so I put a claim in with Paypal, the next day after doing this, he replys and refunds me the money.

Now heres the kicker, he raised a Dispute saying he never received the funds from my account and he never refunded me because there was no money given to him, and Ebay had believed - even though I sent when the money went from my account and when it was put back in.  And now I have final fee pending (I am not sure what that means) and a Strike Against me.

So like I said be very, very careful when buying from him.  And I am not the only person he has done this to, he took someone for 275.00 dollars seemingly.

Hi, I've got a problem with an online store not giving me refund for figures I paid for incl shipping, but they never shipped it.
I've contacted the store and they told me that they had it on back order,
but for the last couple off months they had it listed as "instock".
I placed this order containing some SHS figures in early June,
they shipped the cheap ones but didn't incl the ones that costed more,
the Electra figure alone costed me 35 $ and even more so with the shipping.
I contacted the store several times and they keep going on with the same B.S, they'll send me my money back within the week, they'll refund my card asap and thanking me for my patience...
This has been going on for almost 10 weeks now.
I got a strong feeling that this store claims to have items they don't,
and they are stealing money from people buying these items.
I could also be so they are targeting international costumers cause it would be harder for us to visit this store with a baseball bat and not leave until we got our money back.

The store in mind is
Is there anything I can do to get back at these a$$ holes.

edit: 2008-09-25 sent me back my money today.
Funny, I sent them a crazy mail about me posting about this in 5-8 different forums each day untill I get my money back and it worked, three days and the money was on my account.  :-D


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