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Thomas Grey:
For those of you that have not seen the actual figure of my namesake, 'Rorworr', that is included with the 'Invasion of Theed' RPG, here he is...

He comes on a nifty POTJ micro card. The back has images of 16 POTJ figures and it is a .0000 card. I recommend the investment (the game retails for about $16) and there is no reason you shouldn't open it up to release a carded and bubble blistered, Exclusive figure to display with the other great POTJ stuff! If you are going for the 'loose' collection, he is a must have! I have already bought and broken open 2 boxes and I hope you can see why I adopted his name. A young, dashing wookiee ready to kick some butt! Chewbacca is tops in my book, but the idea of a lesser known wookiee getting an action figure is way too cool!

My wife gave me this guy for Christmas.
I'm an opener for the most part, but can't bring myself to do it yet. I love his haircut.
Haven't played the game yet either.

I've never seen that before.  Very cool!

I bought that figure off ebay awhile back. I like him.  :)

Jesse James:
Yeah, he's definately a neat "extra" you got with the RPG core box set.

I would have loved a second one to cast the head...  I'm hoping we see more wookie figures in general at some point, just for some variety.  A wookie with a removeable bandoleir would be great for us customizers too at some point since Wookies don't all dress the same.

I'd love to make an accurate scale/clothed Roworworrworrowororr someday, but that'll only be if I nab a 2nd one to boil/pop...


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