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I purchased one on ebay the other day and I am still waiting to get it.  It is already opened, so that settles the issue for me.

Jesse James:
It'll give your wookie ranks a little diversity.  Mine is chilling in my Cantina, which is a huge cluster mess.  I mean, the one-eyed green thing from MOnster's Inc. is in there saying hi for god's sake!

So's the Nazi Ghestapo Officer Toht from Indiana Jones.  He's Seig Heiling a Trandoshan in a tan coat I made.  Looks really stupid, but that was more the goal I guess.

Casting the unique wookie head should be something I attempt at some point because it is a definitely different sculpt.

I have never even heard of this figure.  What movie was he in?  I noticed that Brian's Toys has him as loose, but no carded.  I have never heard of Rorworr.  Weird! ???

Thomas Grey:
Rorworr (also my namesake on other forums and formally here) is not in any movies. He is a character from the RPG Invasion of Theed game. Hasbro decided to make an exclusive figure to help sales I guess. So, I guess we would call him a modern EU figure.

He comes on a green POTJ minicard and is packed in the RPG box with dice, character sheets and info, the game rules and guides and an adventure (Invasion of Theed). I have a source that has 3 or 4 collecting dust on the shelves if ever anyone wants me to pick this up for them. I have already bought 3 games ($14 or $15) to get to the figure. He is just a Wookiee and I can't resist.

Ideal for wookiee troop builders.
potj sculptors made his face slight different from Chewie.


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