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Angry Ewok:
Okay, I'll make this quick-

Graphics- Very sweet looking during the movie shots, and also very nice during gameplay. The most impressive thing would have to be the overall terrain that you'll go through. Some of the maps are just pure art.

Sound- The only thing a LucasArts game is really gauraunteed to have is good sound. This game has awesome sound effects. There's really nothing missing here at all. I love how the voices are done by the actors/actresses who played the roles in the movie. The most impressive thing for me was hearing the Carbonite moan noise on one lap. It really brought the whole map together as far as environment goes.

Soundtrack- Okay, let me 'mark out' here by saying this... This is the best soundtrack on a videogame I've ever heard. It's got clips of every Star Wars movie to date, from what I have heard. It's got a few ESB Cloud City tunes, the Bounty Hunter tune from AOTC, several tunes from Jabba's Palace and related from ROTJ, and I think, not sure, but the Droid Army tune from TPM. I also believe there is a Cantina tune thrown in there at one point. This is the best part of the game.

Gameplay- Whew... okay... It's sorta fun to play, until you get to... maybe the 4th mission. The game just relies so much on the jet-pack and jumping and all this crap that you end up feeling more like spider-man than Jango. I was very disapointed with the gameplay. There is no difficulty setting, and you are only given 5 continues once you die, and because these maps are so large and enemy filled, you will need every continue to beat the map. It's very annoying to get "close" to finishing the map then to die for the last time and have to go all the way back and re-do the map. VERY LAME. This is also a Button-tapper shooter game, aka, there is no stealth or skill involved in killing someone... Just tap really fast and jump a lot.

Overall- I was really disapointed by the game... I'd buy the soundtrack in a second though.

This game rocks!  I don't know why you didn't like the gameplay Brad.  This game sort of reminds me of Starfighter but you're Jango, and not the pilot of a ship.  There is a ton of skill involved in this game... I don't know how you think there's no skill involved with it.  Yes, there is a lot of jumping around, flying with the backpack, but this game is quite difficult (and addicting).

Yes, you do get 5 continues once you die, but those refresh between each chapter so you're not just stuck with 5 for the entire game.  I think that's great!  I like how they've setup check points throughout the chapters, so that you if you do die you don't have to start over at the very beginning of that chapter.

My rating on this game = 9.5/10

PS -- What level/chapter are you up to Brad?  I just finally made it to Malastare.  That Asteroid Prison was a pain in the you-know-what!

Angry Ewok:
I got to the 'Breaking In' of the prison, and was never able to get past the 'Breaking Out', and so I used a level skip cheat and from that point forward I think I was relatively tired of the game. It's not 'difficult' in a gameplay sense, it's simply 'hard'. I can't stand spending more than 30 seconds jumping around trying to grab a hold of a barrier, only to fall of and have to start all over again. I believe the last mission that I actually beat and thought was cool was the Tusken mission. You may not have gotten there yet, but once you do you'll see what I mean by "cool". The dumbest mission yet would have to be one of the last ones, where you basically just spend hours sliding/jumping into holes. It's just lame-tastic. It's makes the mission where you jump on those cargo-thingies that go back and forth across a maw look like childs play.

I bought the game a month ago for the GC, and I thought it was great! The jetpack and such took a while to get used to, but after a while, I was catching bonus bounties and generally kicking butt. I beat the game about a week ago. Some of those last levels are challenging, but I like that, because challenge and difficulty are missing in a lot of games these days. :)

For anyone else who beat it, what rank did you get? I got "Bold Assassin." 8)

Angry Ewok:

--- Quote from: BobaShek on February 23, 2003, 12:09 PM ---"Bold Assassin." 8)
--- End quote ---
Play Hitman2 and get "Silent Assassin" rating at the end and then I'll be impressed.  ;D I wish Bounty Hunter was more like Hitman2, but I dont think we'll be seeing any [M] Star Wars games hit PS2/GC/X anytime soon.


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