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Other Collectibles / NEW Star Wars Golf Bag prototype
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:31 AM »
I was at the PGA show in Orlando, FL this past wek, and o Sat. I happened to spot a Star Wars golf bag behind the Hornung's booth.  Cought my eye, and come to find out it' a prototype.  it looks great, and supposed to sell around $150 (better than the $500 or whatever it was price tag on the last one)

It's black with th classic Star Wars gold logo in a few spots includng the strap.  It has a Vader helmet pocet (picture te Vader vinyl club cover only slapped on the side of the bag as a pocket.  The embroidery was awesome.  It had the Vader helmet embroidered on the side.  They are telling me that it will be changed to the full Vader costume, flowing cape and all eventually, and is still in the works.

Neat stuff, unfortunately no pics allowed, and once I asked he hid it bhind the booth.

Jocasta's Reading Room / Dark Horse Star Wars Series
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:51 PM »
In regards to the new ongoing series, SW #1 came out 1/9/2013.   Apparently the first printing sold out, and they are ALREADY doing a second print.  Wow.  Great news.

Supposedly the second printing will have the Logo, wording etc. on the back cover or inside back cover or something.  The cover will be just the plain Alex Ross art (not saying his art is plin, just that there will be no text over it).


By the way it's a great read!  Great art.  Vader is done a bit differently than you sometimes see him.. a slight bit of a Manga style to him.  i'm ot a fan of Manga, but this works for me.  Pretty good stuff.

Highly recommend!

Collector's Tips / Great inexpensive plastic cases!
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:18 PM »
Just an idea I thought I'd share. (no idea why it took me so long to post)  Clear Plastic cases on a budget!

I had a leftover clear plastic case for stadard size footballs.  The loose vintage Jabbas playset fits in it perfectly! It looks like I spent a fortune on the case!

I was able to find some plastic cases for under $10 I beleive, and I know Michaels and other places have some that go on thier half off sale every so often (footballs, basketballs, etc.)and they have some nice high end ones on sale from time to time as well.  Even the cheap ones look great, and while not exactly made for SW collectibles, they work great on certan items without having to spend the $$$$ for custom jobs (even though I have some great Oscars cases custom cases as well).

Collections / Bobafett14 collection pics updated
« on: September 26, 2012, 02:18 PM »
Here'ssome photobucket pics (up to over 6,400 item in the collection)

You can click on each indivdual folder to view pics...enjoy!


Other Collectibles / Star Wars comics
« on: September 26, 2012, 02:05 PM »
Here's some updated pics and new additions:

Of note: 

* I updated some pics of the collectin including more autographed comics (recently obtained more Ron Frenz an Bob McLeod orignal Marvel SW autographed comics at some loca conventions).

* I added some pics of the original vintage 3 bagged comic books (#1-#3) I recently obtained at a local convention.

* I'm just a few shy of the orignal #1-#107 Marvel SW run.

* I'm thinkingabout hvin my #1 Marvel's n perfect condition, just a beauty!

Enjoy, ad alays looking to see others comic book collections and ho they display.

Collections / Bobafett14 Collection pics
« on: May 9, 2007, 03:30 PM »
It's bben ages since I posted collection pics.  Here's some updated.  I also am in the process of updating the autogrpahed items section.

Vintage Kenner / One to go
« on: July 15, 2006, 12:56 PM »
Been holding off for a few years looking for a great deal on the last couple vintage figs I needed.  This morning I just met a guy and purchased 4 of the last 5 loose viontage I needed to complete the run(he just happened to be offering all the ones I needed, and was able to get them all in one shot, no shipping, etc.):

Lando General
Luke Poncho
Imperial Dignitarty

All are complete with weapns, and in the Mintiest condition I think I've ever seen loose!  VERY happy with my purchase!

Now I need to scour for a cheap deal on EV 9D9.   ;D

Hey Hasbro! / Packaging
« on: January 20, 2006, 12:32 PM »
The recent bounty hunter 7 pack got me thinking today. 

I really like having that many figures in a smaller window box.  This is much more attractive to me than the recently released and much larger battle packs with less figures.

As a 30 something collector who's been in it since he was 6, and after crossing the 5,000 piece threshold, space is really becoming an issue.  I'm assuming it is with many collectors all of a sudden which is natural after years and years of collecting.  I hope this has been discussed at Hasbro, and was thinking smaller packaging may be the way to go.  When it comes to boxes and packaging, to me, smaller is better.

Just my personal opinion.  Anyone else thinking along these same lines, or am I alone in this thought process? ;)

Hey Hasbro! / Actual Star Wars "fan" figure ????
« on: December 20, 2005, 11:53 AM »
For a 30th Anniversary I would love more than anything to see a Star Wars actual "fan" figure.

A person wearing a simple black T-shirt with the gold "Star Wars" logo would be phenominal.  (and I'd like to see one person post that they honestly wouldn't buy it)


a 2 pack of a father and his son both wearing SW t-shirts and maybe the kid is holding a SW action figure or something.  As far as a "stand alone" figure, not too much excitement, but man what a wonderful figure for collectors everywhere.

-looking to capitalize and make a few $$$$ Hasbro?

Make a few a female version or different nationalities.


a fan dressed in 70's garb, holding a vintage figure and a fan dressed in 2000's garb holding a modern figure.  A 70's fan with the typical poster art t-shirt and bell-bottoms would be great, and a 2007 fan with a black t-shirt and jeans would be neat.

pack them facing forward but heads turned looking at each other, or,  make the 70's one a kid, and the 2007 one the adult 30 something version of the same kid.  It's the ULTIMATE nod to the collector of 30 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and boy if Hasbro gave me credit for it...I'd just pee my pants.   :o

Cardback....Mann's Chineese theater.  on the back, have "Star Wars through the years" on top, and there could be an homage to the Sw fan/collector with stats on all the merchandise bought all over the world, and how many action figures have been produced to date, how many tickets have been sold, etc.

Even SW fans that are non-collectors would suck these up!!!!!!!

Conventions / December 2005 PSWCS/501st
« on: December 7, 2005, 02:32 AM »
Here's a few pics of the annual PSWCS/501st Garrison Carrida toydrive.  We managed to collect over 200 toys to kick off the drive. These were taken at the 16th Annual Pittsburgh Toyshow last weekend:

Scott Fetzick and yours truly working the booth:

Bobafett14 and the 501st:

A very kewl Gam Guard costume!

Bob Raspet guarding all the toys!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who donated thier time, a toy, or both !!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Other Collectibles / easy to miss items?
« on: November 9, 2005, 10:09 PM »
Anyone know of easy to miss items?  By this I mean things that aren;t advertised much, and you may pass right up, or something you may not normally think to collect!

Ornaments are out at Target in the XMAS aisle and are fairly cheap.

Halloween candy wrappers (litrally about 100+ different combinations of wrappers, bags, etc.

BK- the SW gift cards (freebies if you do it right :^)

Magazines- Empire has a SW guide packed in this months edition

There's a ROTS foosball table avail at WalMart

An oddity, yes, but i like to collect all the "pre-order" cards at TRU, they are free, usually there's a stack of about 100 you can grab a few, neat to collect.

any others??????????


Saga '02-'04 / Saga gold stripe madine
« on: October 9, 2005, 12:07 PM »
There are 2 variations out there, onewith the baton in the package, one with the baton in hand, just curious as to which variation everyone has....


Similar tot he OTC Myo/Trevaagg cup in hand/in packae variation, seems like Hasbro likes to sneak one or two of these (dare I say) "ultra rare" packaging variations in on us from time to time.  Curious to see how many Madine variations are out there.

(by the way, my Madine is packed up, so I don' even know which one I have yet

Original Trilogy Collection / OTC Myo, Trevagg variations
« on: August 26, 2005, 12:34 AM »
Wanted to post t oget an idea on these two figs:

The OTC Myo and Trevagg figures both have a decent packaging variation.  Myo was both packed with the cup in hand, and were also made with the cup packaged in the bubble.  The Trevagg figure has the gun packaged both in hand and in the bubble.  In both,  the bubble is a completely different mold made to hold the weapon and cup.  (the accessory in bubble is the rare variant)

Now,  I'm aware packaging variations aren't quite as popular as a figure/paint  variation however, when the OOM-009 EPI fig came out with a similar variation, this variation was highly talkd about, and highly sought after, not only that but all-in-all it was faily common for a package variation, and originally prices were typically abotu $7 for a normal one, $25 for the package variation(you can get them cheaper now of course).  I'm guessing becasue enough had it and "wanted" it, or hoped to go for some $$$$.

As far as the Myo and Trevagg, I had asked around at CIII, and again at the recent Pgh. toy show, and darn near EVERy vendor at both conventions had never heard nor seen this variation.   It DOES exist, I have both variations, the only variation I don't have is the Dannick variation with the straight tentacle w/ no loop-never saw it, only a pic, leading me to believe this sucker is "Super-rare" :^) ) This wave of variations has now become sort of a "project" for me.

So, after searching, and giving this a lot of thought, I've kind of come to my own conclusion that these could possibly be the "rarest" and yes I use "rare" which I usually don't use too often, becasue I truly think these are 2 figs that are practically non-existant (practically).

Saying this in a vary nice way...Anyone care to prove me wrong?   and I don't mean 20 people simply saying "oh yeah I saw huindreds of those, trying to dispell the claim, I mean post some pics with you and the variants.  I'm dying to know exactly how few of these puppies there are.  To give you an idea, in my group, PSWCS, I think there are a good handful of us that have the Weequay FF whichi is touted as a very "rare" fig, yet I think maybe only one other in the group has actually seen a Myo w/cup in the bubble.

Also, call me crazy, but if you do find one, I suggest grabbing it, not only becasue the OTC period seem to be hot, the cantina aliens, for some were also slightly harder to find than the rest of the line, but now theres a variant of a HTF fig that NO ONE seems to even seen let alone own.

Serious thoughts and opinions please, love to hear the comments.


Collections / Bobafett14 Collection article
« on: August 10, 2005, 09:46 PM »
It's abot 2 months late, and some of the wording is off.  Funny that it came out a day after my Birthday I'm now 34, but....


Hey Hasbro! / Yoda Vs. Clone trooper
« on: July 21, 2005, 01:23 PM »
A no-brainer here......

Yoda and clone 2 pack where Yodas green saber can be inserted into a hole in the clones chest, and you can attach yoda to the clone by him just holding on to his saber.

pack it as a 2 pack, and pose it in the card just lkike the scene where he throws his saber through the clone and retreives it.  Best scene in the movie!

I was also thinking 3 pack with Yoda standing between 2 clones loo, one with a detachable head, and the other like the one I decribed above.

(well, that and the clone jumping on the crab droid.)

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