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I thought it would be a good idea to try to keep track of the coupon codes that you can use for the various e-tailers to hopefully save our members a few bucks when ordering their Star Wars loot online!  We'll do our best to update whenever we hear of some new savings tips or coupons, but please feel free to chime in with any of your savings findings as well!  Any online e-tailers are welcome, such as or, just to name a couple...

I'll start out by providing this link to the page that shows their standard ongoing Special Offers (though it's not necessarily thorough and complete): Special Offers

Here's a couple of current coupon codes you folks might want to use also:

$5 off of minimum $40 purchase for NEW customers:  KBSUBSCRIBE    -or-   SAVENOWCJ  (expires 5/30/03)

$5 off of minimum $50 purchase:  KBVISAREW

$5 off of minimum $25 purchase:  DENNYTOYS

And here's a few more coupon codes that may help: coupons

aka DaBigKahuna:

Ooohhh...  This is a nice one I just stumbled across for

20% off at

--- Quote Save 20% off any order with coupon code "SURVEYTHANKS". Not valid on gift certificates or video game consoles. Expires 8/30/03.

Coupon Expires: August 30, 2003

--- End quote ---

I just used it to order all the Playskool sets, and it worked like a charm!  Basically wiped out the shipping and sales tax charges.  Saved me over $13!   8)

Here's the link to KB's Star Wars section:'s Star Wars loot

So get over there and check the stuff out!  Coupon's good through the end of August, but the cool goodies they've got might not last that long (like the Tie Fighter and 12" Clones)...

go to for tons of online coupons.


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