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Cases for carded figures?

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Hi, I have a small collection of POTF2 figures, will eventually be 30 figures in all:

I'm interested in protecting each figure in their own case like these snap cases:
Or even making them out of acrylic like:

I know to buy acrylic cases like from is out of the question since they are like $10 each and my figures are worth less than $5 each lol. Anyone know where to buy sheets of Acrylic cheap?
Anyone know where to buy a cases like in the 1st pic for cheap?

Just buy from Protectopak.  They work great.

Thanks! that's basically what I'm looking for. Where is the cheapest place or site to buy them?

Ideally it'd be cool to make something like this for each:

I'm getting ready to display one version of each card design created and was trying to figure out what sizes to buy.  Does anyone know of a guide that lists which "style" of case fits each card back?  I know there are "A", and "B", and "C", and so on styles.  Just trying to figure it all out and can't seem to match up the card backs with the cases.


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