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Not sure if this is the right place, but has only sold their entire collection. I basically want to sell off my entire collection besides my vintage figures and current Hot Toys figures. So everything from Hasbro 95-few years ago.

Suggestions on how to unload it all?

Jesse James:
That's tough to say.  Had a friend sell it all to a local dealer we know...  that's a fast way to be done.  If you're looking for maximizing $ out of it the only good way is eBay I think.  Tedious and full of danger from buyers who are tool boxes.

And a lot of things will sell for peanuts while other things will get more than you paid, but I'm not sure that'll be the majority.  Resale is kind of high now for SW stuff especially post 2005

I'm not selling everything, but I'm downsizing significantly and I've gone to eBay to start. I'm doing pretty well on TVC, so far. Like Jesse says though, it is tedious. I have a lot of stuff I just don't need, including some bigger vehicles that I'll probably try and unload locally.

Same as Darby said, I'm not selling everything but I have been scaling things down and have gone the eBay route as well. It seems like you can do pretty well that way. I guess it really depends on if you want it all gone quickly or if you are ok going little by little.

I've been meaning to post a thread somewhere, but wasn't sure where it was most appropriate. I wonder what the common thread is to see so many collectors either getting out of the game, scaling back, or shifting (narrowing) their focus. Is it because of the status/quality of the line, a difference in interests or funds, age, or space? It just seems like there have been more and more of our "old" JD crew that have been scaling back or getting out.

I'm not the biggest fan of eBay in general.  And I can understand your trepidation in going that route. 

In an ideal world?  I would love to be able to sell of a collection in a forum of collectors who are knowledgeable and into what I've got.  But when you look at some of the sale forums on a number of reputable sites, it can be a mixed bag.  Some of those forums are just inundated with a lot of stock.  And keeping things current on those sites can be trying.

Selling it all to a shop is an easy way to go.  But you may not get the value on certain items that you're looking for.

I've decided to sell off a good amount of my surplus collection.  Some of this was about making space.  And a contributing factor there included not paying for outside storage.  It's also an attempt to make the collection a little more manageable and get some cash back, too.

So I've been going the eBay route.  Mostly because there's no better marketplace that I've been able to identify.  If you follow all of the rules with PayPal and eBay you should be okay.  I choose to only deal with domestic buyers.  But people there tend to look for things with a degree of focus that can help the seller.  One thing to consider?  Selling in bundles with items that might not have the most appeal.


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