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Darth Broem:
I will be hauling quite a bit of my collection from Illinois to the Phoenix area in the next month or so.   I will be taking with me lots of packaged and loose 12 inch figures, carded and lose 3 3/4 figures, and loose vehicles from both the modern and vintage lines.  Although mostly it's modern era stuff. 

Anyone done this before?  Moved a fairly big collection from one state to another?  Right now I have a lot of stuff in "tubs".  However, I don't really have any sort of packing material around anything in the tubs. 

I am just open to any sort of suggestions or problems anyone might have run into that I may try to avoid. 

Oh, and another thing.  How do you guys keep your stuff in the dry climate?  I will probably be forced to put some stuff in the garage out there in Mesa, AZ. 

I've moved a few times with my collection.  I've dealt with movers too so you may have it a little better if you're moving yourself, but not too much of a difference.

I put everything into large rubbermaid bins.  My carded collection came through just fine with a couple of dinged bubbles when one mover dropped a bin down a flight of stairs and the lid popped off.  Now that all my Carded figures (on the "standard" sized cards anyway) are in protecto-paks, I forsee no further trouble there.

If you kept the boxes for your ships, I'd suggest putting them back in them.  Otherwise, I'd suggest dismantling them as much as possible putting them in rubbermaid bins and wrap them in towells or something for padding.

Hope this helps.  I'll post more if I can think of anything.

I moved my entire collection twice last year...

Carded figures I just put into large boxes with plenty of packing peanuts...

Loose figures I put 3 or 4 into a small ziplock bag (enough that I could keep the weapons straight), separated the ziplock bags into which movie they came from and then had a box for each film...

12" I didn't have too much of at the time, but it'd have been pretty much the same thing - bigger bags of course...  Then I just made sure those boxes went on top of everything else in the back of the truck and wouldn't slide around...

Darth Broem:
I tried to pack away some items that were on display last night.  This should be interesting to see if they survive this move.  Thanks for the tips.  I did employ some of the techniques. 

Well, whenever I move, I put all my stuff in rubermaid containers, and never have had a problem.  Of course, I make sure and move the Star Wars stuff myself, so as to avoid any "Imperial Entangelments."   ;D

I don't know what to tell you about the garage thing.  I would be interested to see what otheres think.  You ought to just give your stuff to me, and I'll watch over it for you.   ;)


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