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Is Star Wars special anymore?

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Since we can expect a new Star Wars movie every year for the foreseeable future does this make a new Star Wars movie opening  special? We use to have to wait 3-4 years for a new movie and wait ten years for a new trilogy. Each release felt exciting and new. Now we will get a new movie every year. Each one will be hit or miss in quality and how well it does in the theaters. As for toys, we only get a wave or two major characters now instead of weird background characters.  What are your feelings on this? Do you like watching the trilogy movies or the anthology movies? Will one be better than the other? is that feeling of "special" still there?

Qui-Gon Jim:
To me, it is, but I could see that diminishing somewhat over time.  Or not.  Hard to gauge.  Personally, I LOVED Rogue One.  More side stories done with that level of quality?  Count me in.  I am worried about Solo.

Still special. Five more years? We'll see.  But I like lots of good Star Wars over every once in awhile "special".

I think "Star Wars" is special again. I think it had lost it during the "Clone Wars" years until Force Awakens came out. (Heck, I was jazzed about the "Clone Wars" movie ten years ago before the show became I grind that I gave up on.)

I really liked TFA. I loved Rogue One. After one viewing, TLJ left me feeling like I had watched a first draft, but I really enjoyed huge swaths of it. I am interested in seeing what happens with "Solo." It doesn't feel like a grind. I love taking my oldest son to the opening nights. And he loves it, too.

The toy lines will never have the same depth that they had as a "Nostalgia" property. But we never got Tarkin or the Cantina Band back in the vintage line, either. The toymakers are tasked with keeping up these days. We are lucky to still see as much as we do. Compare Last Jedi's toy mix it to the lines of "Justice League" toys if you don't believe me.

(I also have been blessed with taking a fun idea I had and turning it into a way to "play" with Star Wars everyday. Star Wars has given more to me in the past two years than I can believe.)

I'm ready for more!

I Am Sith:
I'm still very excited about the movies when they come out and so is the rest of my family.  Between these and the Marvel movies, we really look forward to getting tickets for opening night/weekend and can't wait until the day of the screening.  Like Q-G Jim I'm worried about Solo.  I thought RO was a great idea that didn't need to involve key players from the SW universe.  It was really done well and felt like part of the universe.  I'm worried because they are messing with a beloved character and can really screw things up...

The thrill is still there and I hope it continues for many more years to come.


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